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The Sunday Long Read is kind of like a dream social media feed–it’s impeccably curated, thoughtful, and introduces me to writers and publications that I don’t come across in my day-to-day reading. Occasionally, I’ll open it and click on a story about a subject I know nothing about; twenty or thirty minutes later, I’m always grateful that I did.

— Mina Kimes, Senior Writer at ESPN

My week is not complete until I sit down with the Sunday Long Read to catch up on all the good stuff I’ve missed all week and discover the even cooler stuff that I didn’t know existed. An essential, invaluable resource.

—Alex Belth, Editor at Esquire Classic and The Stacks Reader

Usually, I have time for four or five long reads per week. I wish I had time for every one of the Sunday Long Reads Don and Jacob compile. I have not read a time-waster of theirs yet. Reading Sunday Long Reads is like working toward my PhD in life. The education in current events is great enough–and I feel so great about the future of journalism when I read these great pieces too.

––Peter King, columnist for NBC Sports

It’s one thing to have a longreads newsletter that just regurgitates the same stuff that’s been cycling through Twitter all week, but what I value about the Sunday Long Read is that it points me to articles I haven’t seen, by writers I don’t know, in publications I’ve sometimes never heard of. As an editor, it points me to writers I should be reading. As a reader, it makes my Sunday mornings an order of magnitude more enjoyable.

—Megan Greenwell, editor-in-chief of Deadspin

At time when there is so much (almost too much!) to read every week, the Sunday Long Read strikes a perfect balance between offering up a wealth of big-deal pieces and hidden gems, and still keeping the list perfectly curated.

—Julia Rubin, editor of The Goods by Vox

The news is exhausting and overwhelming and it never seems to give you a second to breathe, and one thing I love about the Sunday Long Read is how it slows everything down. It gives me stories that matter or just entertain, and are some of the best and most important works of the week. It’s an oasis, and a map.

––Bruce Arthur, sports columnist for Toronto Star

Sundays used to be for sitting on the couch reading the paper. That was before the Internet—and before I had kids. Now my Sunday reading habit begins (and sometimes ends) with The Sunday Long Read. The best, long-form journalism across a variety of subjects curated by a man who knows a little something about really good reporting: Don Van Natta Jr. The Sunday Long Read not only broadens my horizons but also makes me feel good about the future of journalism. Seeing so many great stories in one place is an affirmation of the power and potential that reporting still retains.

––Chris Cillizza, political reporter for Washington Post

The only way the vibrant world of magazine and newspaper writing could be more curated is if Don came to my house and read the stories aloud to me. Hey, that’s an idea. Um, Don…

–– Wright Thompson, Senior Writer at ESPN

Why settle for a paltry 140 characters when you can luxuriate in 66,500? I’ve loved going back to writing long-form pieces for The New York Times Magazine, and I love reading the ones Don and Jacob compile. It’s a cool antidote to our national A.D.D.

–– Maureen Dowd, columnist for New York Times

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