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The goal of The Sunday Long Read newsletter is simple: To put the past week’s best journalism in your hands every Sunday morning—or, as a friend said, “to screw up my Sundays with far too much great stuff to read.” Did we mention it’s free?

“The Sunday Long Read is kind of like a dream social media feed—it’s impeccably curated, thoughtful, and introduces me to writers and publications that I don’t come across in my day-to-day reading.” 

Mina Kimes

“That rare thing, a newsletter born of love, not marketing or, God forbid, branding.”

Air Mail

Reading The Sunday Long Read is like working toward my PhD in life…. I feel so great about the future of journalism when I read these great pieces.

Peter King


The American Mall’s Long Goodbye

As painful as it might be for millennials like myself to admit, malls are now viewed through historians’ rear-view mirrors.

Spirit Matters

On average, religious and spiritual people tend to experience better mental health, even in the midst of a pandemic. Why is that?

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Introducing The Sunday Long Read Membership Program

Today’s announcement is just a small step in our plans to continue celebrating great journalism by growing The Sunday Long Read, and we look forward to continue learning from you, our helpful subscribers, throughout the process.

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New look, same old us

In case you hadn’t noticed – our website looks a little different! The newsletter has grown so much since we first started, and we wanted our website to reflect that.

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Our 100th Letter!

Today, we sent out Sunday Long Read No. 100, and we’d like to take a moment to celebrate the milestone.

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