Our 100th Letter!

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Today, we sent out Sunday Long Read No. 100, and we’d like to take a moment to celebrate the milestone. A few hundred have been with us since our launch in December 2014, and nearly 10,000 have joined since. We are grateful for your unwavering support over the last two-plus years (For whatever reason, people closely guard their newsletter analytics, but we’d like to share a couple numbers we’re proud of: You all consistently read our newsletter at three times MailChimp’s “industry average,” and since we redesigned our template last year, you have often averaged over one click per subscriber per week for a gross click rate over 100 percent!). Since this newsletter still remains a hobby for both of us, we don’t have to obsess over the data, but we’d be remiss not to recognize your loyalty nonetheless.

The Sunday Long Read began as a whim and has evolved into what we hope has become an indispensable tool at a time when a tweeted take from the most powerful man in the world can stop a national newscast in its tracks.

We are also so lucky to have the support of our 45 contributing editors, some of the world’s most distinguished journalists, who have helped improve things around here – in innumerable obvious and subtle ways. A special thanks to Politico’s veteran media critic and our friend Jack Shafer. Before week one, Jack generously offered to select a Classic read every week, a feature that has become one of our favorites (and one of yours, too). His faith in this project meant everything then—and still does.

As a way to raise a glass to the 100th SLR, we solicited your questions about any subject. Of course, you all over-delivered, sending in questions on how we put together the newsletter, what we’ve learned from doing it for over two years, and so much more! This week, we answered 10 questions of your questions and—as always—shared our favorite stories of the week. You can read it all here.


Don and Jacob