New look, same old us

In case you hadn’t noticed – our website looks a little different! The newsletter has grown so much since we first started, and we wanted our website to reflect that. We tried to keep it simple, streamlining a lot of our content for better navigation and easier access to our podcasts and original stories. We’ve also tried to create a more consistent brand for our content, so whether you’re reading an article or listening to a podcast, you know it’s coming from your trusted SLR editors. It’s still in construction though, so keep an eye open for coming changes.

The new website follows on the heel of our redesigned newsletter. Our summer project this year was to revamp our newsletter design, prioritizing simplicity and consistency while cleaning up some extraneous bits. Contributions from our peerless set of senior editors are now presented together with the simple look and large photos they’ve long deserved. In the main list, we hope you’ll find it even easier to enjoy the great stories we love sharing. We are still nipping and tucking, and as always we want to hear from you: