The Sunday Long Read (Best of 2018 Edition)

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Happy Holidays! It’s time to celebrate, we’ve all (nearly) made it another year. 2018 has been a big year for us. We added some incredible team members, built our Twitter and Facebook pages, grew our podcast, and launched a membership program.

You’ve made the work worth it each and every week. This year has once again proven the value of quality journalism—the possibility for serious investigations, empathetic storytelling, and impassioned narratives to change minds and challenge power. But a story can only make an impact once its read. So thank you for taking the time to celebrate peerless reporting and exceptional writing, for helping spread it, for making us all better people.

This will be our last free newsletter of 2018, but members should look out for a New Year’s bonus edition before we return to ring in a new year of long reads January 6th.


Don and Jacob