The Sunday Long Read, 4/28/19

EDITORS’ NOTE: Happy Sunday!

If you enjoy reading The Sunday Long Read, you have Etienne Lajoie to thank. Etienne spends countless hours each weekend helping find worthy stories and putting each edition together—as well as expertly curating our popular Sunday Cover feature. So please join us in congratulating E this week, as he has just landed an editorial fellowship position in Toronto at one of our favorite publications, The Walrus.

A fresh Sunday Long Read podcast drops today starring last week’s hyper-prolific SLR guest editor, Will Leitch, one of the hardest working multi-platform journos in the biz. We think you’ll enjoy Will’s far-ranging conversation with Don. If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to our pod and leave us a review.

And, as usual, today’s list is stacked with phenomenal stories.

Don & Jacob

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