“Echo Chambers Are a Glitch”: WaitButWhy writer Tim Urban on ’The Story of Us’

Tim Urban is a popular blogger and the co-founder of “Wait But Why,” a site that discusses a wide variety of topics including picking the right career path, SpaceX rockets, and love. His most recent mammoth work is “The Story of Us,” a re-tracing of how we got to this political moment.

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Images from Waitbutwhy.com

Listen to this episode of the Sunday Long Read Podcast.

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[1:06] The origins of “Wait But Why” 

[8:39] “Outqualitying” other websites like BuzzFeed and Upworthy early on
[17:14] Asking readers for money

[19:00] Kurzgesagt

[23:55] On “The Story of Us”

[46:39] On echo chambers

[51:13] The possibility of writing about politics