The Sunday Long Read, 1/5/20

Happy New Year! 

This is the start of our sixth full year curating the week’s finest longform journalism. And we want to begin by welcoming and thanking all our new subscribers who have recently joined us, as well as our newly minted members (who keep the SLR funded while getting our newsletter early every week and bonus editions throughout the year). We had a big surge of both over the holidays.

We started this project to celebrate writing worth reading, and we’ve kept going because of people like you. We especially appreciate those who nominate stories they love—you can tweet them with the hashtag #SundayLR—and those who help us spread the SLR. We’re proud of the community you’ve helped build solely through word of mouth plus some forwarded emails and retweets.

So, thank you for reading, thank you for writing, and thank you for sharing. Here’s to a year of meaningful work!

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