The Sunday Long Read, 3/22/20

Happy Sunday! Or something. It’s been quite a week, and at the end of it, we hope today’s list offers the right mix of camaraderie, perspective, and escapism. If there’s one thing we can rely on in these uncertain times, it’s that our great writers will rise to the moment, and we’ve got plenty of proof of that below. In an attempt to strike the right balance, we’ve included our crop of pandemic-related picks at the top in an edition of our SLR Syllabus. Let us know what you think—do you want more COVID coverage in the SLR, or less? We always love to hear from you, now in this time of social distancing more than ever.

Two more notes: firstly, we’re proud to unveil a new header logo today. Many thanks to Ken Yotsukura for the inspiration and the execution. Secondly, we’ve added a one-time donation option to our Membership Page, for those who have graciously inquired about supporting us that way. Thanks again to all our members for helping to keep our lights on. Nobody knows what the next few days and weeks and months have in store for us, but we’re fortunate, as always, to be sharing these moments with you.

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