The Sunday Long Read, 5/31/20

We used to start every Editors’ Note with a simple greeting: “Happy Sunday!” Yet, for the last who-knows-how-many weeks, that salutation has felt to us far too hollow. This morning, again, we wake up feeling the opposite of happy.

The Sunday Long Read was created to celebrate writers and writing. And while there’s still plenty of work worthy of celebration, now doesn’t feel like the time. Instead, our team has spent hours reading and curating, producing and editing once more this week with the hope that the final result inspires some bit of reflection and maybe respite. Today, we’ve elevated Patrick Farrell’s Sunday Still to the top of the newsletter. He has selected an unforgettable image, and with it, a reminder that words—that reading—are not enough. But hopefully they can still help.

As we confront the never-ending turbulence of the world, all we can say is thank you, to the remarkable journalists bravely reporting across America. And we thank you for opening (and reading) these emails and embracing phenomenal journalism at a time when it is so important to today and tomorrow.

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