The Sunday Long Read, 7/5/20

Happy Fourth of July weekend! We hope you were able to boil down the essence of your holiday traditions into something suitable for this summer.

We’ve taken the occasion, as well as the midpoint of an unending 2020, to return this newsletter to its normal format. Over time, we’ve found that keeping the critical pieces of journalism on the issues of race and public health in their own boxes has proved basically impossible, as the nationwide crises seep into so much of what we are reading and sharing. Those topics are still covered plenty in the list below, and likely will be here for quite some time. We think this is the best way to continue to promote outstanding work, but, as always, we welcome your feedback as well.

This week, we’re proud to welcome our 100th contributing editor to our team: Soraya Nadia McDonald, the 2020 Pulitzer finalist and my ESPN colleague who writes compelling criticism for The Undefeated. Her piece on “Hamilton” appears on this week’s list and she will guest-edit the July 19th edition of the SLR. Our esteemed contributors comprise an all-star team of talent (you can find the full roster in our staff box, published at the bottom of every SLR). We could not do this project without their behind-the-scenes recommendations, advice, support, and, most of all, enthusiasm. Thank you.

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