The Sunday Long Read, 11/22/20

This week, The SLR turns six! Since 2014 (check out our first header), we’ve shared well over 5,000 stories. Thanks for joining us at some point on this ride. Thank you to our dedicated staff and more than 100 contributing editors. And a very special thanks to our growing club of members, whose generous support has kept us going!

In celebration, we’re creating a new SHOUTOUTS program. If you help us spread the word about The SLR, we’ll give you a spot in the newsletter to share something important to you—as well as a chance to win our giveaway. Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. Share the newsletter with six friends (sixth birthday, six people, get it?). You can let us know by BCC’ing us on an email, sending us screenshots, tagging us on a tweet, or e-mailing us any more creative form of confirmation.
  2. We’ll send you a form asking for a shoutout of your own that we’ll run in the coming months in a new section we’re calling Sunday Shoutouts. Maybe there’s a charity you want to highlight, or your own newsletter, or a band you love. We’re flexible (within obvious limits). We’re also more than happy to simply thank you by name. No obligation here obviously, but we can’t wait to read what you have to share!
  3. You’ll be entered to win $250 at the end of the year. We’d love if the money went towards whichever website’s paywall you’ve found yourself repeatedly hitting recently, but given the times, we’re not putting any restrictions on the cash.

That’s it. Once again, it means the world to us that some of you have made this little project of ours part of your Sunday routine. While our growing team puts in a lot of work each week, your continued desire for one newsletter that delivers the very best journalism makes it all more than worthwhile.

Oh. One more thing. We’re off next Sunday. Happy Thanksgiving (such as it is)!

Now, as we’ve signed off this newsletter since 2014…

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