The Sunday Long Read, 5/9/21

Happy Mother’s Day! We’ve brought a vibrant bouquet of reads this week. Honestly, this may be the best crop so far this year. But a few notes before we get there…

First, thanks to everyone that hung out with us on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces last Sunday night, including a half dozen of our contributing editors. And a special thanks to Kevin Merida, who joined us for an illuminating conversation just hours before being named LA Times executive editor (Congrats Kevin!). We appreciated everyone’s feedback afterwards as well, and plan to experiment more in the live audio space soon. Stay tuned!

Second, it’s time to bid adieu to our fantastic podcast connoisseur, Jody Avirgan, creator of The Sunday Pod who has been up to his ears in new projects of late. We’re looking for someone new to pick up the mantle—if you have a nomination, email us!

We’re also putting out the call today for a cartoonist to contribute to the SLR—either curating work or producing an original comic strip or cartoon regularly (or semi-regularly). If this interests you, please drop us a line:

Finally, to all the moms out there—a heartfelt thank you for all you’ve done and all you’ll do.

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