The Sunday Long Read, 8/22/21

Happy Sunday!

We introduced a new perk for our members this weekend: we delivered the SLR to them at 6 pm ET Saturday, the first-ever SLR Bulldog Edition, as we continue to develop our membership program.

In journo-speak, the bulldog edition refers to the early version of a day’s newspaper, popularly used to describe the first-off-the-presses Sunday edition that would hit newsstands on Saturday night. The etymology is murky, but likely dates back to the 1800s, when countless papers fought like mad to be the first out with a bit of news (think NBA insiders tweeting out the latest transaction within seconds of each other, only with cooler hats).

We intend to deliver the SLR Bulldog exclusively to our members this autumn. You like the idea of getting a Saturday head start on The Sunday Long Read? Join us!

Otherwise, click here to open this week’s edition of the Sunday Long Read.