Entitled to Death

OK, as Americans, we’re all a tad entitled. We can get anything we want delivered anytime, we flush our toilets with drinking water, and we can select from over 300 flavors of CBD gummies.

Yet, some of us have taken this entitlement to a whole new level, and now these jackasses think they’re better than the rest of us!

You’ve certainly seen them: they blow through stop signs; they FaceTime at our favorite cafes; they elbow past us in the express lane at Peaceful Greens Grocery; and, they even brag about their recent 10K on their SUV! Well, we’ve had enough!

Haven’t YOU???

Now with our apropos, alphabetical primer, you too can revel in their gruesome, yet fitting, demises at the hands of their own self-involved, self-absorbed, and self-serving entitledness.

Each week, we’ll update this guide with a new cartoon, from A to Z.

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