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The Sunday Long Read, 3/27/22

Hello, welcome back, and thanks for making time for some journalism, when there is so much other culture hollering for your attention. We’ve got more Madness Sunday afternoon (if you’re rooting for UNC over St. Peter’s, you can go find some other newsletter to read, thank you very much), followed by the 94th Academy Awards.

To get you prepped for the Oscars, whether or not you’ve seen CODA or heard of Drive My Car, we’ve brought our friends from Puck back today. Specifically, Puck founding partner Matthew Belloni has gathered a cheat sheet before the show.

Matt is a founding partner at Puck and the host of the excellent Hollywood podcast, The Town. On Friday, he gave his predictions across Oscar categories. Matt writes a twice weekly newsletter called What I’m Hearing… covering the business of Hollywood. It’s an insider-friendly tip sheet that will hopefully inform and make you more competitive in the space, written by a guy who spent 14 years in the trenches at The Hollywood Reporter and five before that as an entertainment lawyer. Check it out to get smarter about the rapidly changing world of entertainment—and to support the SLR!

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Of course, we’ve also got more great reading than you could ever make time for (and hopefully more credibility in our selection ability than the Academy). Click here to open this week’s edition of the Sunday Long Read.