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The girl who chased frogs

Journalist Lyra McKee, a contributing editor to The Sunday Long Read, had just filed the first draft of this story when she was killed while covering violent protests in Northern Ireland on April 18. It is the story of Honduran biologist Meli Flores, whose unresolved 2016 disappearance has left many unanswered questions. In some ways, she is a lost woman of troubled times, much like Lyra McKee. The SLR staff has edited and published this story in the wake of her death as a tribute to Lyra


Globe Ball

How is it that an orange oblate spheroid—a basketball—can make an impression on kids that transcends time and space? From childhood to old age, the game becomes a measure of skill and desire that endures. And this is true everywhere in the world. A series of strange coincidences brought the writer to discover that maybe the globe is really just an immense basketball.