The Sunday Long Read, 10/13/2019

Happy Sunday!

A few housekeeping items before we dive into this week’s list:

In last week’s edition, we inadvertently double-linked the Kerrygold Irish butter article in place of the link for the Variety profile of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Here’s the link to the De Niro/Pacino piece for readers who had clicked and were disappointed. We regret the error.

Kelly Dearmore, our esteemed resident music critic/Sunday Long Play editor, has decided to take a hiatus. Thank you, Kelly, for expanding our audio horizons with your superb music choices. The Sunday Soundtrack, our single-song pick, continues to spin!

Next Sunday, Oct. 20, we will take a one-week holiday, returning with another jam-packed SLR on Sunday, Oct. 27. But a members-only edition will drop in our members’ inboxes on Monday morning, Oct. 21. If you haven’t become an SLR member, we encourage you to do so now! Your contributions will defray the escalating costs of curating and sending this newsletter.

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