An interview with Amanda Ulrich

After Irma, almost all aspects of daily life in the British Virgin Islands centered around the storm. There were the physical reminders, like passing destroyed buildings and heaps of flattened cars on your morning commute, but also more intangible ones. Irma was a constant topic of conversation and most of my local reporting involved ways in which the island was, or was not, recovering. So when Amanda Ulrich moved back to the US in 2019 and realized just how surreal that experience had been, she wanted to write more about those long, nerve-wracking hours on Sept. 6th and the storm’s aftermath for a wider audience.

The Sunday Long Read: You lived in Tortola yourself from 2017 to 2019 and lived through Hurricane Irma. How did your experience compare to the stories of Kate, Dame, and Ravenal?

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