The Sunday Long Read, 11/1/20

It’s here, America. Election Day, or maybe Election Week, or Election Month. Sandwiched between Halloween, Fall Back Day, and Tuesday, we’ve got an overstuffed email to help you work off your sugar high, burn that extra hour, or maybe keep your mind off other things for a few minutes. We’re particularly proud of this week’s SLR Original, from Annelise Jolley. In addition to that and our normal run-of-show, we’ve also collected a few of our favorite election stories from this cycle, and in the spirit of this week, we’re letting you tell us which was your favorite (other nominations also welcome!).

SLR Members are getting a few other political picks that just missed the podium as well. Earlier this week, they also received a bonus edition featuring a Q&A with Jolley and a handful of not-so-political stories. You can join our growing membership to help us cover The SLR’s various costs and continue promoting worthy work by clicking here.

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