A Brief Tour of The Sunday Long Read Website

For 500 days, The Sunday Long Read newsletter has served as a secret note from us to our closest friends featuring stuff we think they should read. Now, we are adding a public component that we hope will benefit longtime subscribers and newcomers alike. A quick rundown of what it includes.

  • Homepage: A brief introduction to the newsletter for the unenlightened (hello!)

  • Blog: Where you are right now! We will use this page to make announcements and keep our readers updated.

  • Archive: Go here to find a complete list of our past newsletters.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Pretty straightforward, we think. If you have been wondering how we put the newsletter together, hopefully you can find an answer here.

  • Kind Words: We love our readers, and a few of them love us back. This page is pretty much just for our own self-assurance.

  • Contact: Hit us up!

We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together. Let us know if you’d like to see any added features (on the contact page, obviously) and stay tuned as we continue to improve your reading experience!