The Sunday Long Read, 4/5/20

Hello again! Has it already been a week since we last checked in? Has it only been a week? We are continuing to think about you and wishing you the best as the world beyond our quarantined bunkers continues to crack in ways all too real.

In lighter news, Jacob and Jody Avirgan have a new podcast for you: This Day in Esoteric Political History. Twice a week, Jody, historian Nicole Hemmer, and special guests will discuss (in 10 minutes or less!) moments from the past that speak to the present. The first two episodes could hardly be more timely or fun listens, as the hosts discussed one president’s decision to give up his re-election bid to focus on the Vietnam War, and another’s struggle to negotiate the end of World War I while personally being knocked down by a pandemic flu.

Why look back? Nicole eloquently summed up the show’s raison d’être while taping the trailer: “A historical sensibility gives you a kind of grounding in a moment when everything seems really uncertain.  It allows us to see what’s happening in the world on a much broader timescale, and that longer view is actually really helpful, especially in moments of crisis.”

We’d love for you to check out This Day in Esoteric Political History—it’s on social media too—and send your thoughts to Jacob and Jody as well as your suggestions for future topics of discussion.

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